The Mystery of Now

Existence manifests in always fresh and new ways. It is never the same as it used to be. The way it manifests is always new, will never come back in the same way.

At the same time, the present is always available. It never goes away.

The present – Existence manifesting – is always fresh and changing. And it is always available, it is only that available. Both are there.

And when we rest in ourselves as space & awareness, this is all there is. There is no separation between Existence manifesting and this space & awareness. You cannot even slide a sheet of paper inbetween the two.

If we get temporarily caught up with and identified with processes of the small self, such as thoughts, then there is a filter of abstraction between that which experiences and the experienced. There is a subject and an object. The world is fragmented into opposites. Confusion enters. Suffering in all its many forms enters. We get lost in thoughts, in abstractions, of the present, past and future. And this is OK as well. It is just another way Existence manifests. Another play of God.

Both are Existence manifesting, perfectly, here and now. Both are complete. Both are perfect expressions of God. One without suffering, the other with.

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