The Rich Flavor of the Present

Through Breema, I have come to experience the present in a even richer way. While Shikantaza, and resting in myself as space & awareness, and in the holarchy from the small self through to the Absolute, is wonderful – Breema has opened up another flavors for me of the present.

There is a wonderful richness in just coming to the breath, as it is. Through coming to the weight of the body, the posture, the facial expression, the tone of voice – as it manifests right now. There is a bliss in it, independent of what else may be going on. Often, when I look at what I most would like to do right now, the answer is to just come to the breath and the weight of the body. It is such as rich, full, sensual experience with an undercurrent of bliss.

Of course, I realize that these experiences arise because this is relatively new for me, and that it will wear off as it becomes more familiar to me. Still, I’ll take it. It is the glue Existence is using to bring my attention to it, and I am a willing subject. I assume that what will be left is resting in the holarchy, with this additional richness of being body, being breathed.

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