Through Byron Katie‘s inquiry process, my relationship with thoughts has come more into focuse and clarified.

It has become very clear to me that whenever I take a thought seriously – independent of the content of the thought – I create problems and drama for myself. I am the one creating the drama, I am the one creating my own suffering from it. And the kicker is that this is not even necessary.

When I don’t take the thought seriously, when I allow it to arise and fade, come and go as a guest, no thought creates problems or drama for me. There is no suffering. And this is immediately available to me.

No effort is needed to allow the (attachment to the) thought to drop me, beyond just engaging for a brief time with sincerity in the four questions and the turnaround. And then let go.

And when I notice a contraction, I identify the thought behind it, and repeat the process. As I become more familiar with this, the whole tapestry of attachments to thoughts begin to unravel on its own accord. Over the last several weeks, the few contractions that come up are typically weak and easy to see through compared to my pre-inquiry existence.

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