True Religion & Mantras

To look at our true religion, the one we live by in everyday life, we only need to look at our most cherished beliefs.

And these beliefs are often expressed through mantras – statements and thoughts we repeat over and over for ourselves.

For me, a core at my religion – and my mantra as well – has been that people should me mindful in general and not noisy in particular. Others may be that people should be friendly and compassionate, or that they should do their dishes. Or, as it was for Byron Katie, that the kids should pick up their socks.

Of course, any thought is an abstraction and represent a limited view. So any belief in a thought is in conflict with reality and brings suffering. We create our own drama through believing in thoughts.

And Byron Katie‘s inquiry process is one way we can recognize this and allow the beliefs – the attachment to thoughts – to drop us. First one by one, and then as the whole tapestry of beliefs start unravelling on its own.

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