Views: None, One & Many

When we rest as space & awareness, as the formless unborn, as the function of experiencing, there are no particular views – which allows any view to be available to us. We are free to temporarily take on any particular view, and then allow it to go – just as changing clothes.

When we awaken more fully into Big Mind, we see that we are distinct from any view, we are the view of the whole, we are any possible view, and we are no particular views. This gives a great freedom. We take on a particular view in one situation, none in another, and maybe a completely opposite view in yet another. There is fluidity. The wheel is greased. We are free from stuckness in any particular view.

Whenever the wheel is stuck, whenever we are stuck in a particular view, there is suffering. Existence manifests in a way that does not correspond to the view, and we create suffering for ourselves. Someone says something that does not correspond with the view, and again we create suffering for ourselves.

Whenever the wheel is greased, there is a sense of flow and ease – independent of the situation of the small self. Existence manifests, as it is – and there is nothing in us – no holding onto a particular view – to resist it. Someone says something, and we can recognize the validity of that view as well – along with other views. There is no particular view to protect, nothing to defend.

There is a clarity present unhindered by attachment to any particular view. There is clear seeing, wisdom and engagement in/with the world. There is fluidity and intimacy with the always fresh present. There is a sense of ease, responsiveness and simplicity in the daily life of the small self.

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