The last few weeks, one of the meaning of “emptiness” has been very alive for me. It happens, and I notice at times that this must be one aspect of what is called “emptiness”.

I experience this small self – this body/psyche – as empty of any fixed or separate existence. It is just a temporary pattern of energy and matter within the larger whole of Existence. It is a temporary vortex in a stream.

And it is enlivened by this awareness empty of any characteristics. It is that which allows this awareness to be fully engaged through the holarchy from the body to the absolute.

This has given a great sense of easy to my daily life. I don’t get caught up in habitual patterns – in habitual emotional/mental/behavioral reactions – as I used to. When I receive complements, it goes straight through and I am free to connect with the one giving it. When I am the center of attention, there is a similar sense of great ease.

There is nothing to take too seriously about what this particular body/psyche is doing – and I can enjoy and have a sense of humor about its particular flavor of human quirkiness.

What is left is just a sense of ease, of great naturalness – ordinariness. Nothing special.

And it seems that this experience is particularly clear when I engage more in self-Breemas and Breema bodywork – as I have done over the last several weeks.

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