When we recognize ourselves as the function of experiencing, we also come to recognize the world of phenomena as a fluid whole.

I am space & awareness – the function of experiencing – empty of any characteristics and distinct from the world of phenomena. This is the Absolute. And within this arises the always changing, fluid and rich experiences of this small self, this emissary into the world of phenomena – the Relative.

From this ground outside of the world of phenomena, I find a new sense of overview and a new perspective. I begin to experience Existence in a more transdual way. I see all phenomena as a fluid whole, and the Absolute and the Relative – the experiencing and experienced – as a fluid whole.

This small self, becomes a hollow shell. A vortex in the stream of phenomena. A temporary pattern of matter and energy. It is embedded in the fluid whole of phenomena. There is nothing fixed about it, and no separate existence.

And there is a beauty in this. A beauty from the sense of flow and connections. From nothing to hold onto, nothing to protect. And a great ease comes from it as well. A great ease in living everyday life. Interacting, going about the business of this small self. With clarity, nothing to protect.

When I notice this, the simplicity of it is sometimes shocking and astounding. It is as if waking up from a dream – a dream where I see how much drama and extra I created in my life. Where I was caught up in a cycle of creating and action from confusion. Kicking up dust which clouded this clarity which is always available.

And it is of course a continuous process – of exploring this new way of operating in the world, of allowing it to bounce back when I temporarily get caught up in old patterns. Of allowing it to further clarify and become integrated in this life.

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