Yesterday, during my shower, I decided to take my own advice and stay in my formless unborn nature (in myself as space & awareness) in more daily situations. I turned the water all the way over to cold, and watched the reactions and experiences of the small self arise within spacious awareness – the gasping, the natural biological reactions of wanting to escape, etc. And it was all fine. No problem. There was no need to resist anything.

Today, I came across a page on David Chadwick’s site, which mentions the Japanese (I assume Buddhist) tradition of waterfall practice. Another little synchronicity. I cannot remember having heard about it before, but am not surprised at is seems an easily available and relatively harmless way of practicing staying in the unborn while the body and personality are doing their thing.

But he and his girlfriend took me to a Shingon priest, a lady, who led us to a waterfall where we put on white robes and stood in gassho beneath a hammering cold waterfall for an hour.” “Takishugyo!” said Maku, waterfall practice.

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