Wealth, as anything else, can be seen from different perspectives. I overheard someone yesterday talking about how he was hardly wealthy, yet he owns two cabins, a house, a high quality car, have the opportunity to take frequent and long vacations, has plenty of food to eat, a comfortable bed, good friends, a close family.

Small self wealth

From the view of the small self, wealth is a very real issue. Yet what we see as wealthy or not obviously depends on how we define it, and then on what levels of it we see around us, and our own and our culture’s expectations.

In terms of material comfort, current modest material comfort in the western world is for most people around the world a wild luxury they can only dream of. And what seems an ordinary level today in the western world, was even here luxurious a few decades ago. A few centuries ago, this modern level of modest comfort was beyond the dreams of even many of the wealthiest.

And then there are many other areas of wealth, such as knowledge, information, insight, wisdom, skills, opportunities, family, friends, social support, etc.

Big Mind wealth

From the view of Big Mind, we include this level of wealth, but there is also another that appears. We see that the whole of Existence is our wealth. There is no separation between ourselves and all there is. This small self obviously has physical access to only some of it, to varying degrees. And yet, the incredible wealth, richness and fullness of Existence unfolds within us as space & awareness.

There seems to be an awakening process in terms of need for connections. First, on a physical level (food, shelter), then socially (to others and ourselves), then to Existence – to God.

The connections on the Relative level may or may not be there, but the one to Existence is always here, whether we are aware of experiencing it or not.

Direction & Context

Of course, there are many levels of details to this picture. For instance, if we try to satisfy a need for social connections through physical connections, we will experience something missing. Similarly, if we try to satisfy our need for connection with Existence through social or material connections, there will be a sense of something not quite right. We experience dis-ease. And this will prod us to explore further, until we – eventually – awaken as Big Mind.

The world today, and maybe it has always been so, seems a mad and messy rush to explore how we can meet our needs for connections. This comes from a sense of dis-ease. And although we find temporary and limited satisfaction in different ways, this process in itself ironically brings a sense of dis-ease.

As long as we are in desiring mind and seeking mind, there will always be something else over the next hill. This is never quite enough. And if we are exclusively identified with this mindset, there will always be a sense of dissatisfaction. The remedy is to become familiar with the other end of the polarity, non-seeking mind. And then to shift into that which includes both – Big Mind.

First, we are stuck in a sense of lack and seeking. This gives us a wonderful motivation for exploring and be actively engaged in the world. It is one expression of that which fuels the unfolding of this universe. It is one aspect of that which fuels the evolution of humans, and the development of the small selves. This gives direction and movement.

As we have a taste of and then awaken more stably as Big Mind, we find that nothing was really missing in the first place. This is a place of equanimity and rest.

And finally, we embrace both. We embrace the drive and engagement in the world of the small self. And we embrace the larger view of Big Mind.

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