Widening Holarchy of Being

When I look, I find that…

I am space, and I am what appears interior of this small self – the body, energies, sensations, emotions and thoughts. My holarchy of being goes from the physical body through to the space, from the Relative through to the Absolute.

I am space, and I find that I am whatever appears in/to this space. I am the world as it appears in the present, always fresh and new. When I don’t have any fixed or exclusive identity, when I am just this capacity, I am whatever phenomena appears in the present. My holarchy of being includes all phenomena as they appear and the space in which they appear.

My holarchy of being includes whatever arises interior and exterior to this small self, and the space within it all appears.

It may go against what I have been taught growing up, but it is my immediate experience. Always available to me when I look.

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