A Natural Fascination Before Ordinariness

When we awaken as the Absolute (capacity for the world, void, emptiness, the Formless Unborn, space & awareness) or as Big Mind (Existence beyond and embracing all dualities), there is a natural fascination. We are drawn to explore this new “I”, so different from who or what we thought we were (a limited human being). We want to spend time with it, familiarize ourselves with it, explore this new landscape which opened up.

Along with this is a period of integration and rehumanizing, of being fully human in this new context.

And gradually, this all becomes more ordinary. We become more familiar with it. We become ordinarily human, and hopefully even more fully and deeply human than before.

Of course, these three phases – or aspects of the process – do not necessarily unfold neatly like this, nor do they unfold once and for all.

There are continuous awakenings and continuous periods of integration and rehumanization. And it is a fluid process, with the phases weaving into each other.

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