There seems to be several ways to talk about the Absolute.

It is space & awareness, although space only appears along with phenomena, and awareness also comes out of the empty mystery. It is also onesided, as if space exists without phenomena.

It is pure awareness, although – again – this comes out of the Absolute. It catches it a little too late.

It is capacity for the world, which becomes the world as it arises in the present. This is maybe the most accurate. It is the source, distinct and inseparable from the world of phenomena. It is the Unborn, the Original Face, emptiness, deep silence – the mystery everything arises from and within. It is the mystery I find as the source and context for everything arising for this human self in the present. It is what I am, effortlessly – independent of anything else going on. I find that it is something I can absorb into, distinct from the world of phenomena.

And yet, when I look now, I see that this and what arises appears inseparable. There is only the source/thing, the emptiness/form.

I can experience it as distinct from the world of phenomena, and I can experience it as inseparable from the world of phenomena. And when this happens, there is no “I” to be found anywhere.

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