Aligning With What Is II

So how can I align myself (consciously) with Existence, and will I become just a content vegetable?


One way is to find myself as capacity for the world – through the headless experiments, the Big Mind process, Atma Vichara, etc. – and see that this mystery is what everything arises from and as. The source of everything I take as “me” is also the source of everything else, and I can experience that directly in the present.

Another way is to allow attachments to thoughts to unravel, through for instance Byron Katie‘s inquiry process.

As Existence is beyond and embracing all polarities, I now find myself as the same. As Existence expresses effortless wakefulness, I find myself as the same. As Existence allows anything to arise in the present, with no trace of resistance, I now find myself as the same.

All I do is align what I experience consciously as “me” with Existence, with what is. It is a process of peeling away the “extra”, of revealing what already is, and of familiarizing myself with it and bringing it into life.


Will I become just a content vegetable, with no initiative?

My human self, with all its preferences and passions, is included in Existence, so who am I to disregard it? My human self is as much what I am as anything else.

What I find is that including both the Big View and my human self allows for a wonderful fluidity and richness. I find effortless acceptance here for what is, and I find wonderful passion for change.

Of course, revealing this clearly, familiarizing myself with/as it, and bringing it into my human life, that takes practice. It is a continuous process, always unfolding in new ways. And there is always room for improvement.

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