Aligning With What Is

When I look at Existence, I see that…

It embraces and includes all polarities, including that of existence and nonexistence.

There is an effortless wakefulness and awareness in all beings, in which what arises in the present is reflected (this wakefulness is of course not always expressed, for instance during sleep).

It allows anything arising in the moment to arise, as it is. There is no trace of resistance.

So whether I see Existence as God, Buddha Mind, Big Mind, or as expressions and manifestations of the same, or as the creation of God, I have to assume that what is reflects, is a manifestation of, and is “God’s will”. What happens in the present is God’s will, expressed perfectly and completely.

When I look at my own preferences, as a human being, they are often at odds with what is. And I see that this is how I create suffering for myself. I resist what is, through attaching to thoughts about how it “should” be different than how it manifests in the present, and I create suffering for myself.

This suffering seems to be a faithful and gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) reminder of the futility of resisting what is, the futility of holding onto personal preferences in a world that manifests on its own anyway, and how I make myself miserable when I do.

When Existence manifests in the present, who am I to disagree?

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