Believing in the Absolute

In one of the Amazon editorial reviews I read the phrase “believing in the absolute” and I noticed a reaction coming up right away: The absolute is not something to “believe” in, it is something to experience and realize myself as – in my own immediate experience. To “believe” in it is almost worse than not even having heard about it or noticed it.

This reaction was a reminder for me to also acknowledge the other side: Some do indeed believe in the absolute (attached to a thought about the “absolute”), and I believe in the absolute whenever I talk or write about it and it is not from my immediate experience (I attach to a memory, a thought, an abstraction).

Seeing this, the initial reaction of aversion now turned into appreciation. It was great to have this reminder, to recognize in myself that I do indeed “believe in the absolute” whenever I don’t connect with my immediate experience of/as it.

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