Big Mind Variations

I keep coming back to the topic of Big Mind variations.

In terms of experiencing the drop version of Big Mind, there seems to be (at least) two flavors.

One is to see Big Mind as only local and as experienced internally to the small self. I am aware of myself as space & awareness and this small self, through which I experience the rest of the world as well. All sensations and everything else arising within this small self arises within myself as space & awareness. As space & awareness, I have the experiences mediated through the small self arising within me. This is a view that does not depart too far from the conventional view.

Another flavor is to see all phenomena where they are – internal and external to the small self – as unfolding within this space & awareness. When I move around, this space & awareness allows the clouds and even the distant stars to appear within it. It goes out infinitely in all directions, as capacity for phenomena. This is a more radical view, and one that transcends and includes the previous one. I experience these phenomena – as and where they are – as arising within myself as space & awareness, and I am also aware that the experiences are mediated through this small self (and filtered by biology etc). This view is one that mimics and can lead to the next phase.

Here, we can to various degrees awaken as the ocean Big Mind. This is the view of the whole of Existence, where it is crystal clear that I as space & awareness is that in which all phenomena arises. We can say that we are entering into/as the view of God. We see all phenomena as consciousness, and that I am that consciousness.

As mentioned, there are many degrees to this awakening as the ocean Big Mind. Being familiar with ourselves as space & awareness, distinct from any identity, and being used to living from this, will help us open up to ocean Big Mind.

Any traces of identity will make the process rocky, and allowing this to drop – through clearly knowing ourselves as the absolute – distinct from any identity – seems a necessary prerequisite to be able to live more fully from this view.

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