Currently reading…
Translucent Revolution, Arjuna Ardagh.
The Wonder of Presence, Toni Packer.
The Mystique of Enlightenment, U.G. Krishnamurti (online).

Recently read..
The Little Book of Life and Death, Douglas Harding.
Face-To-No-Face, Douglas Harding.
Head off Stress, Douglas Harding.
The Awakening West, Lynn-Marie Lumiere & John Lumiere-Wins.

Books waiting to be read…
Mysticism, Evelyn Underhill.
Ramana, Shankara & the Fourty Verses.
The Cloud of Unknowing.

And re-reading parts of…
The Zen Teachings of Huang-Po.
Hsin-Hsing Ming, Seng-Tsan.
The Unborn, Bankei.

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