In daily life, I see how I can apply a cascading series of “tools”.

Often, I find myself as Big Mind or capacity for the world – as it arises in the present. I rest in/as what is.

Other times, when it gets more challenging, I step down to being with whatever comes up. (As suggested by Raphael Kushnir in his book Unconditional Bliss).

And at times, I let any attempt – of anything – drop. I just go with whatever is there, resistance, blind contractions and all. This can feel like a great relief, and is a reminder of the freedom in this whole process, and of the freedom of manifestation. And it gives some good insights as well.

This Friday, after having a combination of beer (stout) and chocolate the evening before (!), and my body going haywire, I just allowed it all to hang out – feeling miserable, grumpy, hypercritical etc. And it was OK, and of course temporary.

A footnote: It was interesting to notice how this all occured within Big Mind, including attaching to some of the habitual processes of the small self. Both were there, simultaneously. I was aware of myself as Big Mind, and as a miserable and thoroughly deluded small self.

I said “no” to the “no” (resisted the resistance), and at the same time there was a “yes” to the “no” to the “no” (a seeing of the resistance to the resistance).

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