Center of Gravity

It seems that we can have our center of gravity in the small self or as the whole of Existence.

While I am exclusively identified with the small self, my center of gravity – by necessity – is in the small self (apart from some glimpses).

After awakening as the Absolute, the center of gravity may still stay relatively local.

And even after awakening – to various degrees – as Big Mind, the center of gravity may be local or global. In both cases, there is a transdual view embracing all polarities. In one case, the small self is still a focal point for decision making. In the other case, I surrender to the whole of Existence as a focal point for decision making. This is a receptivity and an opening of my heart which dissolves any attempt to put words on it.

My center of gravity for decision making is the whole of existence, while the focal point for activities is still the small self – for as long as it is around.

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