Center of Gravity

If I look for my center of gravity now, I find it “out there” – where the body (about midline-down) and the rest of the world is. And this is such a relief. Where others see a head, I find just wide open space for the world.

This may be partly due to Breema, but mostly to the Douglas Harding exercises.

After inquiring into my experience, using his experiments, I find that “headlessness” is just what is. And after seeing this clearly, it is very difficult to construct a sense of having a head and believing in it or take it seriously. It becomes just a convention, just for practical purposes.

3 thoughts to “Center of Gravity”

  1. Sir,

    I find it amusing when i see you are reading about U.G and then doing something completely nonsense., is a whole lot of a shit! That’s it.

  2. Yes, it is quite amusing, isn’t it? 🙂

    And I agree, it is a whole lot of shit.

    But this too, is just part of the whole exploration process of Existence. Nonsense and detours.

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