Change, Sameness & Neither

Finding myself as space & awareness, I see that I am distinct from the world of phenomena. I am really distinct from space and time, from change and not change. I am stainless and pure awareness, in which phenomena arise in the present.

Finding this body and small self as part of my holarchy of being, I see that it is an intrinsic part of the world of phenomena and thus constant change. At this level of being, I am constant flux – always new, always different, always fresh. This small self in the present is different from what he was a day ago, ten years ago, and one second ago. He was really someone else, in a different configuration, formed by different patterns on all levels – physically, energetically, emotionally, in thoughts and behavior – than what he is right now. And this is the case for the whole world of phenomena, it is always new, always different, always fresh.

At the same time, I see that I can create an idea of a pattern that continues for this small self – from conception and until death, I can in this way find a sense of continuity.

So I find myself as (a) distinct from change and sameness, as (b) always in flux, always different, always change, and I find myself through (c) and idea of continuity and sameness.

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