Sign at a church: “If God is your co-pilot, switch seats.”

There is another little grid and map of the process in here.

1st Pilot2nd Pilot
Phase 1Small SelfGod
Phase 2GodSmall Self
Phase 3ExistenceExistence

Phase 1
In phase one, we are exclusively identified as the small self and our view functions in a dualistic way. I am here, you and the rest of Existence is out there. I am in the driver’s seat, because no other way is available to me in this situation.

Phase 2
In phase two, I still operate from a somewhat dualistic view (the boundary line around the small self is still there as relatively solid), but I surrender to Existence, to the larger whole.

Phase 3
In phase three, the boundary line between the small self and rest of Existence fades and dissolves. The internal and external to the small self is one seamless whole.

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