When I look at the word contraction, I see that it for me really means one thing: My sense of self contracts down.

Right now, when I look I find myself as space & awareness in which everything internal and external to the small self arises in the present. And when I look further, I find myself as space & awareness and what arises in the present. This is what I experience as my holarchy of being.

I also see that when habitual patterns of this small self gets triggered by a situation, my sense of myself sometimes temporarily contracts down to the small self and/or this pattern. At the same time, my view goes from more transdual to more dualistic. And I find that all that is needed is noticing myself as space & awareness, and my sense of myself expands again.

There is a beauty in this pulse, this cycle of expansion and contraction. And the more I become familiar with it, the more I naturally stay in my full(er) holarchy of being.

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