Differentiation into Transduality

Awakening to ourselves as the absolute and then Big Mind involves a process of differentiation, which in turn matures into transduality.

First, I am exclusively identified with the small self and my view is dualistic. Here I learn to differentiate and be effective (to various degrees) in the world.

Then, I awaken to myself as space & awareness, as the absolute, and learn to differentiate this from the world of phenomena. I see that as space & awareness I am distinct from the world of phenomena, although they also arise within me in the present. Here, the world of phenomena becomes a seamless whole. Everything arising internal and external to the small self is a fluid seamless whole. This is the beginning of a more transdual view.

Then, as I find myself as space & awareness and thus distinct from any identity, I also become whatever arises in the present. When there is no identity to identify with and create a separation between “me” and “it”, I become whatever arises. The experiencer and the experienced are seen as a fluid seamless whole, and the transdual view goes a little further.

And even the absolute and relative are viewed as a seamless fluid whole, I can easily differentiate within this whole and put on labels as appropriate. The difference from the initial phase is that I then took the differentiation as solid and “reality”, and now see that it is purely functional.

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