Differently Transdual

It seems that there are different flavors and phases of transdual views.

First, I awaken as the Absolute and find myself distinct from the world of phenomena. Here, from this new “ground” I see the world of phenomena – arising internal and external to the small self – as a fluid seamless whole.

Then, I find that as the Absolute, I am also distinct from any identity. This allows me to become whatever arises in the present. I find that the experiencer and the experienced, subject and object, the Absolute and Relative, is part of a seamless whole.

Then, I may awaken to all Existence as made up of the same. I awaken to the universe as consciousness, and I am that consciousness. There is really no difference between subject and object.

In the first two cases, there is a sense of qualitative difference between subject and object. In the second case, we awaken to the larger seamless whole of the two. And in the third case, we awaken to the subject and object as having no qualitative difference.

The two first seems to belong to the “drop” Big Mind, while the third is the “ocean” Big Mind.

Footnote: I wonder if this is one way to look at the difference between Enlightenment and God Realization.

The second case may be Enlightenment, where we clearly experience the fluid and seamless whole of the Absolute and the Relative, the experiencer and the experienced.

The third case may be God Realization, where we clearly experience all as God – not only is the experiencer and the experienced aspects of a fluid seamless whole, but there is also no qualitative difference between the two.

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