Dimensions of Big Mind

There seems to be several dimensions to Big Mind awakenings.

Object & Subject
One is that of space & awareness and phenomena arising, of experiencer and experienced, of subject and object. I can awaken to myself as space & awareness, within which phenomena – internal and external to the small self – arises in the present. Although there is a clear sense of no separation, there may still be a subtle duality between the two. To the extent I drop any identity/no identity, I become what arises.

Drop & Ocean
I can awaken to myself as the drop Big Mind, with my experienced center of gravity still in/around the small self. Or I can awaken to myself as ocean Big Mind, with my center of gravity in/as the whole of Existence.

Functional Focus
Awakening as Big Mind, I can be functionally focused on a small self. This is the case for all of us walking around as human beings – or any other species.

Awakening as Big Mind, I can also awaken to myself focused nowhere and everywhere, functionally focused through all small selves throughout Existence and everything else arising throughout Existence. This is the view of God, the view of the whole of Existence.

This awakening is more likely in glimpses while we are still functionally centered on a small self in daily life, and more fully after the small self dies. It also seems possible/likely that we can become more familiar with living from this form of awakening while still functioning through a particular small self. This may become more common in the future. In this case, God fully aware of itself as a whole – functionally centered nowhere/everywhere, and with very few veils left – lives through a particular small self.

The subtle separation of subject and object is more likely to occur along with drop Big Mind and a functional focus on a particular small self. When I become what arises, there is a tendency to also move into ocean Big Mind.

The drop Big Mind is more likely associated with a functional center on a particular small self. And the ocean Big Mind also seems to – at least today – be mostly expressed along with a functional center on a particular small self.

A functional focus nowhere and everywhere, throughout Existence, by necessity goes along with ocean Big Mind.

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