Double Level of Polarities

Whatever I, or anyone else, says – the exact opposite also contains truth.

This is because we live with a double level of polarities.

Within world of phenomena

One is that within the world of phenomena. When I say I am smart, I am reminded of everything about me (as small self) that is not smart. When I say I am ugly, you can find something that is not ugly. When I say that human life is short, I can also find a way it appears long. Both ends of any polarity are always present. When one characteristic appears to us, the other is there as well.

Between Absolute and Relative

The other is between the capacity for the world (Absolute) and the world of phenomena (Relative). Here we find the polarity of that which is empty of any characteristics and that of which it is full of – the world of phenomena.

When I come to myself as the Absolute, I find that it is distinct from the world of phenomena. No words are – or can be – accurate or appropriate in describing it. (Yet, it is that which is most close to us – that from which there is no separation, even in our immediate experience.)

If we try to come up with words, for the sake of communication, we can say Capacity for the world, void, Formless Unborn, Original Face, pure awareness, space & awareness etc.

And when I look at the polarity between the Absolute and the Relative, as it applies to me in my immediate experience, I find…

I am capacity for the world, and the world as it arises in the present. I am empty of everything, yet full of everything.

And as pure awareness & a human being, I find that…

I am stainless, yet vulnerable. I am distinct from time & space, yet in time & space. I am distinct from existence and non-existence, yet I either exist (as small self) or don’t (before the birth and after the death of the small self). I am distinct from alive and not-alive, yet I am alive or not. I am distinct from anything that can be harmed, yet I am in need of healing on many levels. I am detatched, yet I am fully engaged. I am OK with all as is, yet I have preferences. I am distinct from completeness and not-completeness, yet I am complete and not complete to various degrees. I am distinct from any emotions and thoughts, yet I am and have lots of emotions and thoughts. I am the experiencer, yet I am also the experienced.


So no matter what I say, the opposite(s) are also true. I can turn the statement around in many different ways, and I can find a way that each of these new statements say something reasonable about the world. In this way, any statement can be a reminder to find its opposites, and how each of these new statements also true. Where can I find it, in my own experience?

This helps me unstick from one-sided and limited views, to not take any statement as the gospel truth, and to find more inclusiveness and fluidity in my relationship with Existence.

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