Drop & Ocean Big Mind

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Drop Big Mind

When I awaken as “drop” Big Mind, I awaken to myself as the Absolute – as capacity for the world. And as there is no identity here, I become whatever arises in the present.

The world of phenomena is a seamless fluid whole, within which the small self arises as a thread in the overall rich tapestry. There is no absolute boundaries anywhere to be found, yet I find that I can still easily make distinctions (which helps me function through/as the small self in the world of phenomena). This is one level of the transdual view: the seamless fluid whole of the world of phenomena.

The other level of the transdual view is that between experiencer and experienced. As I awaken to myself distinct from any identity, I become whatever arises in the present. I find the larger whole of experiencer and experienced.

And through this awakening, I can also find liberation from suffering. I see that when I am exclusively identified with the small self, my identity becomes limited and fixed. And I create suffering for myself through protecting and comparing everything with this identity. Now, I find no identity for myself, so there is nothing to protect or compare against. There is a sense of ease in daily situations.

Still, this Big Mind is relatively local. It is functionally centered on this particular small self, receiving information through it and operating through it as a vehicle.

Ocean Big Mind
Ocean Big Mind is the whole of Existence. It is the view of God as a whole. This is very different from drop Big Mind. Ocean Big Mind truly goes beyond and embraces all polarities. It is local and nonlocal. It has functional centers everywhere and nowhere. It goes beyond and includes all the drop Big Minds.

Drop Big Mind has the same qualities as Ocean Big Mind. Both embraces the Absolute and the Relative. But Ocean Big Mind still goes far beyond in terms of immensity.

If we awaken as drop Big Mind, there is still many awakenings ahead. It is complete in itself, yet only a phase.

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