Another of the many possible meanings of emptiness, and possibly the simplest of them all…

What happens in the present is already empty of any characteristics. When I add a word or any abstraction at all to it, then it becomes just a description. Here, we see that emptiness is not separate from form – it is clearly the same. Form is emptiness, devoid of any labels and abstractions. And emptiness, what is without or before labels, is form.

Other meanings include…

The world of phenomena is a fluid seamless whole, and my human self is embedded in this whole. It is a vortex in a stream. A system within larger systems and containing smaller systems. A temporary pattern formed by the patterns of the larger whole, and fueled by the energy and matter of the larger whole. My human self is empty of any separate (seamlessly embedded) and fixed (always change) existence. My human form is empty of any separate/fixed existence, and this emptiness takes human form.

When I find myself as capacity for the world, I see that it is empty of any characteristics. It is pure capacity, aka void, stillness, Mystery – manifesting as pure awareness, and everything in the world of phenomena. Emptiness, the Mystery, manifests as form. And form is (born of) emptiness.

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