Emptiness & Fullness in Unknowing

There is an emptiness and fullness in unknowing.

There is an emptiness as it is distinct from the world of phenomena, distinct from any characteristics, distinct from anything that can be said about it. It appears distinct even from existence and nonexistence, distinct from any and all polarities. It is empty of any characteristics, empty of anything that can be said about it.

And there is a fullness in this unknowing, as capacity for the world, as capacity for whatever happens in the present. It becomes, and is, what arises in the present.

In our human lives, there is a wonderful richness as it manifests naturally as any experience, as any view, independent of whether we are aware of it or not.

And when I peel off layers of confusion and reveal myself in and as this unknowing, it can manifest naturally and effortlessly as fluidity among any views and identities, depending on what seems appropriate in the situation.

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