Engagement II

There is an element of detachment when we awaken to ourselves as the Absolute and then as Big Mind. This is not a detachment expressed as aloofness, but one that allows for deeper and fuller engagement.

When I am exclusively identified as the small self, I notice that I pull back from engagement in different ways. I resist many of my experiences, and I resist many inner/outer situations. And even when I don’t resist experiences (when I am neutral or attach to them), I add on a layer of abstractions – I filter them through thoughts and ideas. In both cases, I am not fully engaged – not fully with – what arises in the present.

When I awaken to myself as space & awareness, I allow experiences to unfold within this space. I fully experience them, without needing to fuel them or push them away. I experience directly without the filter of abstractions. And there is an immediacy and intimacy with whatever arises in the present (in fact, when I look I find that I am whatever arises). All this allows for a fuller and more immediate engagement.

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