Everyday Night of the Soul

There seems to be an everyday version of the Night of the Soul.

Whenever there is a sense of sadness or disappointment coming up, even subtly, it invites me to allow abstractions to drop and reveal the unknowing ground of my being.

It invites me to see the futility and nonsense in attaching to abstractions, in taking them as gospel truth. Independent of whether these abstractions take the form of thoughts, dreams, ideas, self-image, identity, wishes, hopes, insights, knowledge, information, or what it may be.

All I am doing is clouding up the wonderful unknowing I find as the “ground” of my being.

This unknowing ground manifests in many ways. It manifests as an experience of a wonderful, rich, effortless and delightful unknowing as the ground of my being. It manifests as openenss and receptivity to what is and the validity of any view expressed. It can manifest as fluidity in taking on various views according to what seems appropriate in the situation. It allows me to use abstractions as a temporary tool, rather than as a way to confuse and create suffering for myself. It allows me to always, and with delight, admit that I really “don’t know” – no matter what it may look like when I speak and act.

Any resistance coming up is an invitation to fall into what is, as it is, in the present. It is an invitation to rest as and in the unknowing – which I already am and do, although sometimes hidden behind my attempts to attach to abstractions.

2 thoughts to “Everyday Night of the Soul”

  1. I enjoyed reading about the freedom of spirit you experience…
    like what you wrote …
    Inner peace comes with a price… to allow it into our home we must first get rid of everything else…
    Wish you light for the journey…

  2. Yes, that is true. Get rid of everything we think we know, any identity.

    There may be a freedom of spirit, but also a terrible sense of constriction…! Both are there, at different layers.

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