Everything Is Perfect As Is & Not

From this ground of unknowing, I see that everything is perfect as it is. No matter what it is, it is perfect as it is. It is always a perfect manifestation.

Ironically, this also gives me full freedom in engaging with what is, with the aim of changing it.

The other side of perfect is of course imperfection. From the ground of unknowing, the Absolute, then everything is indeed perfect as is. From the view of my human self, there is room for improvement. And seeing this perfection allows me to go at changing it – to alleviate the imperfections in it – with freedom and passion.

I can work at making my own life a fuller expression of what I find myself to be – as an already integrated free functioning self – moving freely as the Absolute, Big Mind, a human self, and none of these. I can work at finetuning my human self as an instrument in the world, in expressing this and alleviating suffering. I can work at stopping the unraveling of ecosystems, creating alternatives to our current collective modes of functioning, and in facilitating a shift in worldview on smaller and larger scales. I can work at helping people, through their own inquiry, finding who or what they are underneath their current temporary identity.

And along with all this, I can work at sincerely seeing the imperfections in my temporary and limited understanding and approach, I can work at receptivity to feedback from the world and individuals, I can work at seeing and changing the imperfections in my own views and actions. I can do this in humility, in knowing that there is no such thing as “perfection” on a human level, and that anything I say and do is from a limited view. In knowing that there is always room for improvement in any and all areas. And in seeing that none of these are reasons to not be fully engaged in the world, to not engage in the work that needs to be done in the world.

I can do any of these, and more – knowing that what is changed and the change process itself have the same source. All are perfect expressions of unknowing, of life, of Existence.

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