Exchanging Faces

Douglas Harding points to how, when we find ourselves as headless, we exchange faces with others.

When I find myself as capacity for the world, there is no face and no fixed or limited identity here – I become whatever arises in the present. So when I talk with someone else, or walk by someone on the street, or sit next to someone on the bus, I take on their face. And they take on my face as well. I give away my face to the other, and the other gives away their face to me.

This is so obvious when I look, and very simple and beautiful.

And this is of course true no matter what arises. I become the tree, the house, the street, the landscape, the night sky with stars, the cat. And the cat takes on my appearance when it looks at me as well. There is nothing fanciful about it, just very simple and my ordinary and immediate experience.

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