Experiencing & Experienced II

Among the deeksha receivers, there seems to often be an emphasis on the experiences – the content of experiences – and this is understandable.

But as with any exploration process of who or what we really are, we will always be lost if we attach to the content, the experiences themselves. They always come and go. Even the most profound bliss comes and goes.

Although we become whatever arises in the present, no matter what it is, it is temporary.

And what is left out is the experiencing itself. I can find myself as this experiencing, as that in which everything arises in the present. Here, I find a new “ground”, a formless ground which I always am, independent of what is experienced in the present: a city, landscape, stars, trees, a street, cars, a computer, a friend, health, illness, pain, sadness, joy, dullness, bliss.

Together, I find myself as this formless ground and as what happens in the present. I am unchanging, and always changing. Or maybe, the formless ground of Existence is unchanging and its manifestations are always changing.

Footnote: Although many deeksha receivers emphasize the experiences – typically of bliss – the more experienced folks emphasize the essence of the awakening process, starting with awakening as Witness, then to “no self”, then to liberation, then to a more fully transdual view – as Big Mind.

When we are still identified exclusively with our human self, and our view functions in a more dualistic way, it is only natural that we also identify with a seeking of bliss – and emphasize this experience.

But it is only temporary. The bliss is temporary, inevitably. And this emphasis is also temporary, as the awakening peels away more and more.

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