Experiencing & Experienced

I am still exploring how to express this most clearly (at some point I need to become more familiar with the Tibetan Buddhist way of talking about this, as they seem to have the clearest map).

Both the experiencing and the experienced come from the Absolute, the Mystery, that which is empty of any characteristics.

At the same time, is it possible to say that experiencing is really in the realm of the Relative? When I look in, it seems very close to the Absolute, although maybe just one step from it. It too appears distinct from the world of phenomena, distinct from time and space, etc.

The relationship between the experiencing and the experienced is rich, fluid and varied:

They can be seen as both having the nature of the Absolute.

They can be seen as two manifestations/expressions of Existence, God, Buddha Mind.

They can be seen as two aspects of the same whole, beyond and embracing all dualitites.

They can be differentiated from each other, within this context of seamless whole.

They can be experienced as quite different from each other (dualistic view).

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