Fluidity in Relationship to God/Big Mind

In a balanced an healthy awakening process, we can fluidly shift between 3rd, 2nd and 1st person relationships with God and Big Mind. We can relate to it as an “it”, for instance when talking about it. We can relate to it as a “you”, for instance in prayer. And we can relate to it as “I”, when I awaken as (typically “drop”) God and (“drop”) Big Mind.

Some teachers emphasize just one or two of these relationships, and overlook the other – thus missing out of the richness and fluidity of the process.
[extract from a previous posting]

For me, I find all three essential. I enjoy exploring it as an “it”, as if from the outside (not really possible of course). I enjoy the intimacy and joy of the relationship with God as a “you”, through prayer and Christ meditation. I enjoy the richness and freedom in finding myself as Big Mind, as a first person.

It also seems that moving fluidly between the three helps me unstick and stay open for further awakenings. If I see this as “it”, from just a first person view, I am not open for further awakenings. If I have a third, and especially a second, person relationship with God as well, I invite further awakenings. It is a more precise, and more accurately humble, approach.

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