Fluidity of Neutral & Engaged

There seems to be a natural fluidity between neutrality (the formless ground) and engagement (as a human self).

On the one hand, they are both there always – existing at the same time.

On the other hand, there is a fluidity in time – from engagement to neutrality to engagement to neutrality. One is in the foreground, then the other, fluidly.

It is similar to shifting gears in a car: there is a period of engagement and speed, and then a period of neutrality before the next period of engagement.

If there was not period of neutrality, however brief, I would too easily go into onesidedness – to attach to one end of a polarity without seeing or being open for the other. The period of neutrality helps me come back to that which is just capacity for whatever arises, whatever it may be. And then I can engage again, from this neutral space of possibilities.

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