Fluidity & Rigidity

My human life is by necessity fluid as well as rigid.

Any system in the world of phenomena is fluid as well as rigid. It always changes, yet also maintains relatively stable patterns. This is also true for the patterns of my human self – these patterns of matter and energy, emotions, thoughts and actions.

When I experience great restriction and rigidity, there are many elements of fluidity and freedom here as well:

The rigidity itself has an element of fluidity in it – it is change. It is a temporary pattern through which matter and energy flows from the larger whole.

The rigidity is an expression of the great freedom and fluidity in how Existence is manifesting.

And the rigidity arises within myself as awareness, which has a tremendous freedom in reflecting and becoming whatever arises. I can find myself as capacity for the world, for whatever arises in the present – including this sense of rigidity. This is completely without any effort, without any attention. It is just what naturally, effortlessly, is.

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