Fruition & Path

The fastest way to discover God is to see everything and everyone – without exceptions – as God. As the always new and fresh manifestation of God.

This is the fruition and the path.

And this seeing/realization of all phenomena as God goes hand-in-hand with discernment. If we only see all as God, there is lack of functionality – we don’t know how to navigate the world and are a blissful idiot. If we only have discernment, we live the life that most humans do – in various degrees of confusion, despair and sense of separation. When there is both, we realize all as God and are effective in the world.

It is a path. In the beginning, it may seem fake. After a while – along with other practices as well – it becomes more and more a direct experience. Until we are completely absorbed in the immediate experience of Existence as God.

For me, the supporting practices include the Big Mind process (which is just what is described here), inquiry into my nature, inquiry into attachment to thoughts. In short, realizing myself as the Absolute and the Relative in the present.

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