God Awakening to Itself

Everything and everyone is already complete expressions and manifestations of God, Buddha Mind, Existence. God expresses, manifests and explores itself as the object – that which is experienced, and the subject – that which is experiencing. And through this experiencing, God expresses, manifests and explores itself through various levels of awakenings to itself.

God manifest variously as not aware of itself (plant), as early phase of awareness of itself as a small self (animals), as clearly aware of itself and exclusively identified as a small self and functioning through dualistic views and confusion (most humans), as awakening as the absolute, and as awakening to itself – to various degrees – as Big Mind. And then there are various levels of integrations of these awakenings as well.

It is all God expressing and manifesting itself completely and perfectly, and expressing, manifesting and exploring itself as different levels of awakening to itself.

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