Gradations of Big Mind

From my own experience, it seems that there are many different gradations and flavors of Big Mind.

Awakening as the Absolute, as space & awareness, the function of experiencing, distinct from the world of phenomena, gives the first taste of Big Mind. Here, I find myself as space & awareness within which phenomena – internal and external to the small self – arises in the present.

This is a first taste of Big Mind, a taste of being a drop of Big Mind – which has the same flavor as the ocean, although is also local and much smaller.

As I come to myself as space & awareness, I find that it is distinct from the world of phenomena and distinct from any identity. Free from identity, I find myself becoming whatever arises in the present. I am this space & awareness and whatever arises internal and external to this small self in the present. From being space & awareness within which phenomena arises in the present, I now find myself to be both. Fluidly, always new, always different, always fresh. This is another taste of the drop of Big Mind.

Beyond this, it is possible to enter into the view of the whole of Existence. I am the space & awareness within which the whole world of phenomena arises. From experiencing ourselves as a drop of Big Mind, I find myself to be the ocean of Big Mind.

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