Familiarizing myself with my holarchy of being – space & awareness and any phenomena arising in the present – has a transformative effect on the small self. It brings healing, and it also opens up for genuine empathy, compassion, humility and gratitude.

I notice this morning how I experience a deep gratitude… For the miracle of existing, and for all of Existence. For the evolution of this universe within I as a human being exist, and for the evolution of Earth within which these ecosystems and humanity unfold. For all my ancestors, all the way back to the first single celled organisms. For these ecological and social systems supporting my life right now. For all humans who’s effort – throughout the history of humanity and during my own life – has helped and supported me in so many ways. For all the beings – throughout the history of humanity and during my own life – who have given their lives so I can exist as a human being. For all the difficult lessons which helps me unstick from limited views.

All of Existence is a seamless whole, and my life as a human being is intimately connected with this whole – through its process in time and its extent right now. When I realize this, it opens for deep and spontaneous gratitude.

My very existence is made possible and supported by the whole of Existence.

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