When I look out, I see many objects and appearances. When I look in, I find capacity for all these experiences. I find sounds appearing in wide open space. I find pressure at various locations in the space. I find taste appearing at a certain location in space. But nowhere do I find a head or a self. I am only this capacity within which experiences arise in the present.

At the same time, I have labels and conceptualizations available to me. I can say that the sounds come from the music in the headphones. I could say that the pressures comes from headphones touching the ears, and the thighs, feet, elbows, hands and fingers touching surfaces. I could say that the taste comes from the apple I just ate.

When I find myself as capacity for the world, I can add these labels as a practical tool – for orienting in the world and for communication – but I also see that they are just labels. They are nowhere near my immediate experience – of this rich fluid tapestry arising within/as myself as capacity.

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