There are a few broad categories of healing…

Absolute & Big Mind
In my absolute aspect, as capacity for the world, I find myself distinct from disease and healing. The concepts of disease and healing do not apply here.

And as Big Mind, embracing the absolute and relative, there is similarly no need for healing. Everything is just expressions and manifestations of Big Mind, complete and perfect as is.

Small Self
On my small self (human) level, there is indeed need for healing.

And this healing can take two broad forms.

One is the healing that comes from the small self arising within Big Mind. Here, there is no struggle in relationship to what arises, experiences can unfold on their own. There is on the one hand no preferences, and on the other hand unconditioned compassion in relationship with the small self. This allows the small self to reorganize and align itself to this new context, and through that find a deeper healing.

The other is the more conventional forms of therapies, those which function (mostly) at the same level as the small self. They reorganize the small self from within the world of phenomena. And they work at any and all levels of the small self (physical, energetic, emotional and mental) as well as with the context of the small self (the larger social/ecological whole).

Integral Approach

It seems that when these three aspects of healing are taken into account, we find a more comprehensive and integral approach. One that is more complete.

I find myself as capacity for the world, as that which is distinct from the world of phenomena – and to which the concepts of disease and healing makes no sense.

I allow myself as a human reorganize and realign in the context of myself as Big Mind.

I seek conventional forms of therapies as appropriate, focusing on any and all levels of my being.

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