Indestructible Safety Helmet

This shift into “no I” came about through applying Douglas Harding’s “indestructible safety helmet” experiment (p. 114 in Head Off Stress).

A brief description of the experiment:

Use a letter size paper with a large oval hole in it.

First, note how the emptiness (of the hole) is indestructible. Can anyone or anything destroy this emptiness? Then, hold it up to various things and note how this emptiness is automatically filled with what it is held up to. The emptiness and the forms are one, inseparable. Is there even the possibility of using two words for it? For me, there is just emptiness/fullness.

Also note how this emptiness/fullness now is out there, at a distance from you.

Now, gradually bring this emptiness/fullness up to where you are looking out of.

When I do this, I become this emptiness/fullness, and there is no “I” to be found anywhere.

And this is just how it already is. The only difference is in it now being more (locally) aware of itself, more as it is.

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