Inflation & Not

Clarifying and deepening our experience of wholeness and of distinctions goes hand in hand.

When I find myself as space & awareness, I find no boundaries, no form, stainless, crystal clear, as capacity for the world.

If I mix this up with Per, with this small self, there is automatically inflation. I turn it upside-down and somehow see Per as responsible for this incredible expansion. This is deep confusion, and inevitably leads to a great deal of suffering (which is a faithful reminder to look at it again, a little more closely this time).

If I am clear, and see the complete distinction between myself as space & awareness, and Per, this object arising with me as space & awareness, then I am free from inflation. There is a clear separation, within the seamless whole of the two.

It seems necessary to check in regularly, to make sure this clear distinction is clear to me. That this small self is an object within myself as capacity and space, clearly distinguished within the seamless whole of the space & the object.

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