When you close your eyes and try to find yourself, here in this moment, who or what do you discover yourself to be?

I am everything arising right now, and I am the awareness of this arising. I am the breeze, the sounds of the cars, the leaves fluttering in the wind, the fingers on the keyboard and the keyboard, the room filled with various things, the air, the glimpses of sky, the clouds. And I notice that it is always new, always different, always fresh. It continually dies as what it was and is reborn as something else.

When I come to myself as space & awareness, I find that it is distinct from the world of phenomena. It is the formless unborn, the void, capacity for the world, the function of experiencing. Here, I exist distinct from any identity. There is no identity, no “no identity” and no possibility for any identity.

And without identity, I become whatever arises in the present. I become the rich, fluid phenomena arising right now. I become the fluid seamless tapestry of phenomena. And when I look, I see that what arises internal to this small self is just an infinitely small part of the whole tapestry.

I rest as what arises in the present. Always new, always different, always fresh.

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