Living Its Own Life

When I find myself as capacity for the world, as it arises in the present, I see the world of phenomena as a fluid whole.

I see that the world of phenomena has habits and patterns it operates from, without which it couldn’t exist. It is conditioned, and that is what appears to keep it together. This is as true for the world of phenomena as a whole, as it is for the human species and for each of us as individuals.

I also see that this world of phenomena is living its own life.

I am space for the world, and can choose to engage with it in various ways or not, but I have no say in what arises or how it arises. It is living its own life.

This is as true for the tree over there, and the sunlight coming through the leaves, as it is for whatever arises inside of this small self – such as emotions, thoughts and even behaviors.

Everything arising in the world of phenomena – internal and external to the small self – is living its own life. They come and go as guests, leaving no traces in me as capacity for them.

There is a wonderful freedom and richness in this. I am space for this world, arising on its own, and I am free to fully experience and engage with whatever arises in the present.

It is a wonderful game.

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