More Fully Human

Awakening as the fuller holarchy of my being – including as space & awareness, as this small self, as the rest of the world of phenomena – I can be more fully human. As space & awareness, there is no identity to compare everything with. There is no need to resist what is. I can see any quality internal and external to this small self, in this small self and any other small self. This gives a tremendous freedom to be a more full human being – to allow it all to be there, fluidly, always new and fresh.

This shows up in daily life, in simple things. In music, I am free to enjoy anything since there is no fixed identity to protect. I can enjoy A-HA, then Bela Fleck, then Rachmaninov’s Vesper, then Brian Eno, then Dvorak, then Gabin, then Sting, then Couperin, then Youssou N’Dour, then Carlos Nakai, then Azam Ali, then Meredith Monk, then Phillip Glass, then lounge, then Arvo Part, then Bach, then Natacha Atlas, then Hun Huur-Tu, then Axiom of Choice, then El Cruzao, then Palestrina, then Sterolab, etc.

As space & awareness, I become whatever music is playing in the present, and as the fuller holarchy of being I am free to fully appreciate it, whatever it is.

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